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- September 24, 2007 -
A few more Dodge work vehicles to consider..

Dodge Magnum can be a great work vehicle

The Dodge Magnum can be a great work vehicle for certain applications.  The large area in the rear can be used for part storage and the addition of a pull out shelf can make access to the parts even better.  The lift up rear door hatch gives great access to viewing the parts on the pull out shelf.

A Mobile Office can be installed in the rear cargo area.  If your employees work out of the vehicle the moveable desk can be activated for full service in seconds.  Your employees can arrive at your customer location and be ready for business with the flip of a switch.  An inverter can be incorporated in the mobile office to allow the use of a printer. 

Dodge Magnum Mobile office interior
Employee Working from Rear Seat in Mobile Office Interior
Mobile Office in Position for Work
Employee Working from the Rear Seat


Dodge Nitro is a vehicle to consider for Salespeople

The new Dodge Nitro might be a vehicle that should be considered for Salespeople.  The size and interior room make it a versatile vehicle for sales calls and deliveries.  The plastic storage bins can be installed to increase carrying capacity. 

Plastic Bins for Part Storage in the Dodge Nitro
Plastic Bins for Part Storage in the Dodge Nitro



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