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-August 15, 2008 -
Midway Announces Purchase of American Cargo

American Cargo by Midway

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Midway has purchased American Cargo. A complete line of transportation vehicles is now offered by Midway.

  • Compact vehicles
  • Minivans
  • Full Size Vans
  • Sprinter Vans
  • Cube Trucks on Cutaway Chassis
  • Cube Vans on Truck Cab Chassis
  • Dry Freight on Truck Chassis

Cube Body Mounted On A Chevrolet Cutaway Chassis
Cube Body mounted on a Chevrolet Cutaway Chassis

Cube Door With Side Door Mounted On A Ford Cutaway
Cube Body with side door mounted on a Ford Cutaway

Cube Body Mounted on a Sprinter Cab Chassis
Cube Body Mounted on a Sprinter Cab Chassis

American Cargo will move to Elkhart, IN

The American Cargo manufacturing will move to Elkhart, IN. Midway and American Cargo will produce transportation vehicles at one facility. Please call and inquire about delivery vehicles.

American Cargo

Midway Specialty Vehicles

2940 Dexter Drive
Elkhart, IN 46514


Russ Gilpin            ext119

John Violi              ext110

Mike R. Violi        ext114

Michelle Stutzman ext106

Gary Kellogg       ext 115




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