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-May 23, 2008 -
Midway Goes "Green"

Midway goes “Green” to Emphasize Fuel Efficiency

Midway continues to emphasize fuel efficiency to help save the planet and reduce dependence on foreign oil. The smaller vehicles like the Minivans, Crossover vehicles and Sprinter vans are a good start to accomplish this goal. Midway has been a leader in developing commercial interiors to make these vehicles productive. Midway has designed a new logo and decal to emphasize the importance of looking for fuel efficient vehicles. This new logo will be installed on the vehicles mentioned above to make everyone conscious of the concern to think “Green”.

Midway's New Low Fuel Usage Vehicle Logo

Dodge Caravan CV Bulkhead Barrier

Midway has designed a bulkhead barrier for the Dodge Caravan CV. This barrier protects the driver from packages or items flying around the van in the event that there is a quick stop. The barrier also allows maximum rear visibility with the large openings. Driver comfort is also a concern, so the barrier is contoured to allow maximum adjustment of the driver seat. The cargo area is maximized with the contoured barrier because the floor space is not reduced. The installation of the bulkhead barrier does not require any holes to be drilled in the van.

Safety Barrier contour allows driver comfort
Driver console with clipboard
Safety barrier contour allows driver comfort
Driver console with clipboard

Driver Console Designed to Organize the Driver Area

Midway has designed a driver console to increase the organization of work orders. The flip top has a small clip board to hold a pad a paper to take notes during a conversation with a customer. There is also a spot to store pens and pencils. Under the pen storage there is a hanging file storage area. All of the work orders and customer files can be stored by flipping up the top. This driver console is available to be installed using “Ship Thru” or “Ship Out”.

Security Screens are Available for the Cargo Area

Security screens can be installed over the windows in the Dodge Caravan CV. These screens give that added amount of protection for items in the cargo area of the Dodge Caravan CV. This feature will allow the Dodge Caravan CV to be used on service calls. Many neighborhoods and parking structures restrict the use of large cargo vans.

Security Screen for Cargo Area

“Ship Thru”

All the items above can be installed in the Dodge Caravan CV using the Chrysler “Ship Thru” System. The vans will arrive at your driver locations with the equipment installed. Your driver’s time is maximized because the van is ready for service when the driver picks it up. Exterior decals can also be installed.

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