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-June 26th, 2009 -
Midway Can Be A "One Stop Shop"

Midway has been designing interiors for commercial vehicles for 29 years, and has the capabilities to incorporate many different items in an interior that will work for your application.  Midway can install the following items:

  • Exterior decals
  • Ladder racks on Chrysler/Dodge Minivans, Ford Transit Connect, Ford Econoline, GMC Savana, Chevrolet Express, and Sprinter.
  • Inverter installation.
  • Security screens on cargo area windows.
  • Sliding wire screen bulkhead barriers.
  • Expanded metal contoured bulkhead barrier in Minivans.
  • Pull out shelves for more ergonomic lifting capabilities.

“Green” Vehicles Are Worth Looking At For Your Fleet

Fuel economy is not only a buzz word but it can represent significant savings for your company.  These types of vehicles can be more efficient if the proper interior is installed.  Midway has been proactive in designing interiors for fuel efficient vehicles.  The cargo area is amazingly large if all the space is used properly.  The vertical volume of the cargo area needs to maximized to allow your driver to make use of the vehicle.  Pull out shelves enhance the cargo area so all available space is used.  The pull out shelves also have an added benefit, because the driver can organize the parts better and the proper ergonomic lifting position is maintained

Ergonomic Lifting is Maintained                     Better Use of the Cargo Area

Ladder racks can be installed on vans.  There are rotating ladder racks that allow your driver to properly access the ladder.

Rotating Ladder Rack with Exterior Decals Installed

Sliding wire screen safety bulkhead barriers can be a useful item in vehicles.  They allow parts and merchandise to be carried in the vehicles and still maintain a safe environment for the driver.

Sliding Wire Screen Barrier for Driver Safety Contoured Expanded Metal Bulkhead Barrier

Call Midway to have an interior designed for your application.


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John Violi                  ext. 110       
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