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- April 13, 2006 -
April Dodge Business Link Newsletter

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Dodge Business Link Newsletter - April 2006
Volume V No. 10

Many businesses and organizations are involved in transporting passengers, such as hotels, parking shuttles, senior centers and nursing homes. The American Disability Act (ADA) requires these businesses offer comparable transportation to wheelchair-bound passengers.

Midway has designed several interior packages which will allow wheelchair access for the Dodge Sprinter. There are two types of vehicle configurations that are available. Midway has designed both a retail and a commercial interior for the Dodge Sprinter.

There are several terms that the BusinessLink Sales Consultant should understand when helping a customer find an ADA-capable vehicle. Customers asking for a wheelchair accessible vans will be very helpful and understanding, but knowledge of the basic terms will help you during the transaction. Here are some terms that are useful. Contact Midway for more detailed information.

FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This is a federal regulation that mandates certain regulations for vehicles. There is a new regulation regarding the wheelchair hydraulic ramp. The new regulations require new sensors that activate a warning light. The wheelchair lift manufacturer will indicate in the model number FMVSS, meaning it complies with the new regulation.

ADA Securement System – The person in the wheelchair must be secured properly in the vehicle. The person can be either forward facing or rearward facing ,but NOT side facing. The wheelchair must be properly secured to the vehicle, and the person in the wheelchair must have a lap belt and shoulder belt to secure him or her to the chair.

Wheelchair Space – The size of the space for the wheelchair person must be 30”Wide x 48” Long.

Height Requirements – The minimum height for the door opening and travel path is as follows:
Under 22’ Overall Length – 56” – (1) Position Required

Passenger Seating in Sprinter VanElectric Bus Door on Sprinter Shuttler Van  

Wheelchair Lift on Sprinter Van

Electrically operated side door
Wheelchair access through rear door

Commercial interior for Dodge Sprinter

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