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-February 2nd, 2009 -
Midway Introduces "Green" Pinnacle Bus


Built on a Sprinter chassis, the PINNACLE is designed to be “environmentally friendly”, able to annually reduce CO2 carbon monoxide emissions by up to 12,500 lbs.  Engineered to accommodate up to 17 passengers and able to comfortably transport physically-challenged passengers, the PINNACLE BUS also features extra wide entry doors and large, panoramic-view side passenger windows. 

Rated at 20 miles per gallon, the PINNACLE is as easy on the wallet as it is on the environment and is a natural to be used by airports, hotels, colleges, communities, and in other operations where economical, comfortable, and “green” transportation is a must.  It is truly a new design for a new era!

Click Here To Download The Pinnacle Bus Brochure

Pinnacle Bus

Some standard Features & Equipment in the PINNACLE BUS is listed below:

  • Altona Tested 7 Years 200,000 Miles (Altona Tested up to 16.4 MPG)
  • Welded Aluminized Steel Cage Construction
  • Undercoating
  • Pre-finished Aluminum Exterior
  • Seamless One Piece Exterior Roof
  • Fiberglass One Piece Rear Cap
  • Fiberglass Stylized Side Skirts
  • Aerodynamic Fiberglass Front Cap
  • Fiberglass Running Boards
  • Insulated Walls and Ceiling
  • Large 36’’ X 36’’ Double Upper T-Slider Windows
  • Emergency Side and Rear Egress Windows
  • Drip Rail Over Windows
  • LED Rear 4’’ Inch Stop, Turn, and Back-up Lights
  • LED Front and Rear Marker Lights
  • Front and Rear Mud Flaps
  • Electric Operated Passenger Entry Door
  • 40’’ Clear Passenger Entry Door Opening
  • Full View Passenger Entry Door
  • Lighted Step-Well Entrance in Passenger Entry
  • Exterior Power and Heated Mirrors
  • Passenger Assist Rails at Entry Door That are Parallel to Steps
  • Anti-Slip Flooring
  • Interior Halogen Lights in Ceiling
  • Track in Floor for Mounting Passenger Seats
  • Gray Cloth Interior Side Walls and Ceiling
  • High Capacity Rear Air Conditioning
  • Floor Mounted Hot Water Heater with Circulating Pump
  • Dimensions

                Overall Length:                                                                    23’7’’
                Exterior Height (excluding escape hatch):                             115’’
                Exterior Width (excluding mirrors):                                       91’’
                Interior Width:                                                                     84’’
                Interior Height:                                                                     77’’
                Passenger Entry Door Height:                                               83’’
                Passenger Entry Door Width:                                                40’’

Please Call to find out how the PINNACLE BUS can work for you and for more information:

Russ Gilpin
800-505-2530 ext 119

Mike R. Violi
800-505-2530 ext. 114



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